San Francisco

ACBL Unit 506

Remember – unit games award higher masterpoints than club games, they are always held at St Mary’s Cathedral, the food is great, and we offer two sections – open and non life master. In addition, a lesson is offered beforehand. In April, Edmund will complete his defensive tactics series When to cover an honor with an honor. Hope to see you all there!

Unit Games are held once a month on Saturdays

Location: St. Mary's Cathedral (1111 Gough St.)

Table Fees: $12/person

Parking: Free

Complimentary Lesson: 10:45am

Light lunch: 11:15am

Game Time: Noon



2017 Unit Game & Lesson Schedule

January—no game.

Feb 11 - Lesson: Balancing

March 11(Mini-McKinney Award Ceremony) - Lesson: When to Cover an honor with an honor - Part 1

April 29 - Lesson: When to Cover an honor with an honor - Part 2

May 13

June—no game.

July 22 - Lesson: Play of the Hand

Aug 5

Sept 16

Oct 7

Nov 11

Dec 9(Winter Potluck)

Special thanks to our lovely District 21 Representative/Liaison, Marion Robertson, for all her hard work and dedication! She and Gail Gabiati(not pictured) put a huge amount of time and energy in cooking and preparing the complimentary Unit Game meals!!

Edmund Wu giving his talk on Defensive Fundamentals: When to Cover an honor(spot card) with an honor(spot card) Part I.

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