San Francisco

ACBL Unit 506

Remember – unit games award higher masterpoints than club games, they are always held at St Mary’s Cathedral, the food is great, and we offer three sections:  99er, 499er, and Open.  In addition, a lesson is usually offered beforehand.  Hope to see you at our next unit game!

Unit Games are held once a month on Saturdays

Location: St. Mary's Cathedral (1111 Gough St.)

Table Fees: $12/person

Parking: Free

Complimentary Lesson: 10:45am

Light lunch: 11:15am

Game Time: Noon



2017 Unit Game & Lesson Schedule

January—no game.

Feb 11 - Lesson: Balancing

March 11(Mini-McKinney Award Ceremony) - Lesson: When to Cover an honor with an honor - Part 1

April 29 - Lesson: When to Cover an honor with an honor - Part 2

May 13

June—no game.

July 22 - Lesson: Play of the Hand

Aug 5

Sept 16

Oct 7

Nov 11

Dec 9(Winter Potluck)

Special thanks to our lovely District 21 Representative/Liaison, Marion Robertson, for all her hard work and dedication! She and Gail Gabiati(not pictured) put a huge amount of time and energy in cooking and preparing the complimentary Unit Game meals!!

Edmund Wu giving his talk on Defensive Fundamentals: When to Cover an honor(spot card) with an honor(spot card) Part I.

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