San Francisco

ACBL Unit 506

Unit Games are held once a month on Saturdays

Sunset Bridge Club
at the Masonic Temple
855 Brotherhood Way
San Francisco, CA

Regular Games: $10/person (extra $$ for barometer or charity games)
Plenty of free parking
Light lunch: 11:15am
Game Time: Noon

2014 Schedule

    Lesson at 10:30am
January no game  
February 8 pairs  
March 1 pairs, Ace of Clubs/Mini-McKenney awards)  
April 12 pairs (with San Mateo)  
May 17 pairs Jim Leuker: Is 12 the new 13?
June no game  
July 12 pairs Deborah Murphy: Balancing
August 2 pairs  
September 6 pairs  
October 11 NAP Unit qualifying game with separate regular game  
November 1 Swiss teams  
December 6 holiday party  

Unit 506 NAP

Andrew Straus and Russell Gowen, 1st place

October Unit Game

Joan Weiss and Maria Abbott, 2nd place

September Unit Game

Stephanie and Richard Rogers, 1st place; (not pictured) Joan Weiss and Maria Abbott, 2nd place

August Unit Game

Jo Ginsberg and Len Vishnevsky, 1st place; Karin and Bill Rabin, 2nd place; Betsy Marcus and Martin Hertz, 1st place

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