San Francisco

ACBL Unit 506

News & Special Events

The monthly San Francisco Unit Game, held at St. Mary's Cathedral, has added a new Non-Life Master section to its Saturday noon game. The inaugural NLM section had 8 tables! We are expecting it to grow up to 13+ tables!

There is also a Complimentary Lesson & Lunch before the game!

- Lesson starts promptly @ 10:45 AM

April 29's Lesson will be on:

1minor-1Major: Raising Partner's 1Major with 3 card support: Judgements and Principles, Lesson By Edmund Wu

- Lunch will begin to be served @ 11:15 AM

- Entires will also be sold starting @ 11:15 AM

Our upcoming March Unit Game will include an award ceremony for our 2016 Masterpoint race winners (Ace of Clubs & Mini-McKinnney), please join us as we honor the individuals who won their respective categories!



With the huge successful turnout from our January Winter sectional, we look forward to our Summer sectional (June 10-11) with Richard Bellerose as the tournament chair.


CARDology Bridge Club has recently:

- Changed new management and head directorship.

- Started a new Saturday afternoon (12:15PM) Open game, friendly to players of all levels.

*Saturday games are held on Saturdays that are non-conflicting to the Unit Game and sectionals. Table Fee: $7



Pictured above is a training session for prospective Handz teachers. Here, Michael Levin (far right) is learning how to teach Handz to his young granddaughter and her elementary school classmates. (Pictured above, from left to right are current and prospective Handz teachers, from left to right, Deborah Drysdale, David Achterkirchen, and Handz creator, Richard Bellerose)

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